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Bring Auntie a Beer

Made for being an Aunt and drinking beer

1 May 1979
Here is my biography:

Jen is a city girl who doesn’t like to leave her natural concrete environment. If found in a suburb or the country please drive her home, preferable with the music blaring and lots of swearing.

Jen has few weaknesses but they include:
• Sucking at Trivial Pursuit. Her little pinwheel game piece only ever gets the Sports and Entertainment pieces of the pie.
• Knowing a lot about politics but not arguing her opinion very well. She gets too emotionally involved and ends up cheating to win the argument. She is not above bringing up personal stories to play the sympathy card.
• Being irrational
• Hatred of dolphins. She hates the way society thinks that they are so smart and so nice but they aren’t. Has no one seen the Discovery special where they showed groups of dolphins killing sharks and whales? Jen finally admitted her fear when she almost had to go to the “Dolphin Encounter” in the Bahamas’. Jen said no to standing in a shallow pool with dolphins and hugging them. Her motto is: Animals in and out of their natural environment are unpredictable.

Most people would say Jen is:
• A die-hard MN Twins baseball fan. She also claims she is a fan of baseball in general but her arch-enemy team is the NY Yankees, mostly for irrational reasons. Please see note above about her being irrational.
• Sports fan. The first section of the paper she grabs is the Sports section. She is a new fan to hockey and thinks she would be a good Curling player.
• A funny person. Jen is often overheard saying “You totally missed this funny thing I said…”
• Well traveled. She buys toothpaste and toiletry items in every foreign country she visits. She has hiked the Fjords and partied with the Blood Puppets (Norwegian New Kids on the Block) in Norway. She has road-tripped around Ireland. Danced in the streets of Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day and kissed the Blarney Stone. She took the “Chunnel” from London to Belgium. Jen has fallen in love while in Lyon, France. She enjoys buying t-shirts that say “I climbed Everest” and other similar sayings without actually doing them. Jen once got stuck in the middle of a political protest in Paris and ended up in the police station. I guess they thought she could have been one of the bad guys.
• Addicted to her iPod. She claims it is the most important inanimate object in her life.

When Jen is not documenting her life in her blog she can be found earning a living, the legal way. She is a business/professional working who sits in a giant cubicle all day. Her "official" job title is: Communications Consultant/Technical Writer. This translates to meaning she writes flowcharts, business articles, procedures and attends meetings all day. She affectionately calls her office the Land O’Cubicles and claims some of her greatest friends have come from those grey carpeted cubicle walls.

Current Blog News:
• She calls her former co-worker and really good friend Heather by a code name of “Feather”.
• Jen started a new blog about baseball called: Lipgloss & Baseball.
• Up until this point she has made fun of her friends for watching CSI and now she is addicted to it. Jen admits to taking their retribution ribbing in good taste

My awesome fangirly David Cook Mood Theme is from here: http://holdmesam.livejournal.com/